Bounce That Pain Away


During our long 9 month journey of pregnancy we all experience the lovely side effects that come along. The nausea, insane cravings, the “i’m too tired” to do anything kinda thing. And then we finally get over that hump only to lead us to the ‘I can’t see my toes, can’t tie my own shoes, bend over, and oh yeah…the back pain.

More than 80% of pregnant women are effected by back pain during their pregnancy. So why does this happen to us? There are several contributing factors that can lead to this.

Lets get rolling...


“What Causes Pregnancy Back Pain?”

- On average, a woman typically gains between 25-35 lbs during pregnancy. This weight is typically held in the abdomen, in turn, putting more weight on your back.

- Joints become much less stable due to hormone production. This allows your pelvis        to spread as your little one grows (ouch).

- As your body changes, your posture may be putting additional strain on your back.

Now, if you’ve landed on this page, you’re one of the lucky ones! Not because you have the back pain (It sucks, I know), but because you can now do something about it!

While taking medication is pretty much out of question, there are simple, yet effective ways that can help your body feel more at ease at your last stretch. I promise…you’re almost there! And if you still have a bit to go, even better. Getting a head start on strengthening your muscles will only benefit you both during your pregnancy as well as postpartum.

Here’s how-



Sit at a desk all day?  This ones for you, and you may even consider never going back to a chair. Simply sitting on your birth ball will help with your posture. It is even great right at home while watching TV or folding that pile of laundry you pushed off the last couple days.  Plus, it is waaaaaaay easier to get off and on, rather than a couch.

Bouncing birthing ball exercise to induce labor

Rock-A-Bye Back Pain

This is one of my favorites.

1. While sitting on the ball, move your hips side to side.

This one can also help with any hip/pelvic pain that you may be experiencing. Remember, your body is prepping for baby, so your hips are slowly beginning to expand which can be painful.


1. Slowly make figure-8’s with your hips in a circular motion.

2. Do this exercise a few times before rotating the other direction.

Sitting on your birthing ball while moving in a figure 8 position helps relax your back and hip muscles tremendously. Again, you can do this while at work, relaxing at home,  or watching television.


This exercise has SO many benefits. Not only does it aid with relaxing your back and pelvic muscles, but it can also help with constipation, hemorrhoids and  you get to incorporate a little fitness into your day. This position can also strengthen your legs, which will come in handy when baby is ready to come!

1. Standing in an upright position with your feet should length apart, rotate your feet outward. Lower yourself into a squat position. Place your birthing ball in front of you, and using both hands, allow it to help you keep your balance.

2. Draw in your abdominal muscles and make sure to keep your back straight.

Using a birth ball and simple squate exercise to dialate

Alleviate back pain, no equipment-just you!

If you dont have The Birth Ball, you should get one, but here are some helpful tips for back pain without a birthing ball :

1. Arch and Round

Lie down a yoga mat, or on any type of soft surface as your weight will be on your knees.  Go down on your knees (keep your knees in a wide stance), arms reaching out in front of you, and slowly move your tummy inward, arching your back upward. You can do this as many times as you’d like.

2. Pigeon Stretch

Again, you will want a comfy surface for this one as you will be on the floor. Start by positioning one of your legs under your belly,  while the other leg faces behind you along the floor.  Slowly push off the floor until you feel a nice stretch on your core (holding for 10-20 seconds).  Once complete, switch sides.

You will get a nice stretch in your core, glutes and back with this one.

3. Squat

I’m all for getting a nice booty while also strengthening my back muscles.  Not only will this strengthen your lower back, but it will also improve your hamstrings and hip strength. First, place your legs shoulder width apart with your feet and knees slightly facing outward. Once you are in the squat position, slowly squat down, putting a majority of your body weight into your heels and pushing your butt back. You want to be sure you keep your core tight during this process as well. Slowly move back upward, pushing your hips forward and squeezing your glutes. If you feel comfortable with this position, do 10-20 reps (3 times).

So there you have it! Simple exercises and stretches that will really focus on relieving that back pain. Even just completing these a few times a week will work wonders on your pregnancy and can even prep you for an easier and shorter labor.

Now quit bouncin’ around and check out so you can add a birthing ball to your home today!