#1 Selling Birthing Ball For Pregnancy & Labor

The Birth Ball

Pregnant women have been using Birth Balls for years to help them during pregnancy and labor. They are proven to help mothers get their body ready for that “all important day” when baby signals – I’m on my way!


Studies Show The Use Of The Birth Ball Before Labor To Maximize Posture, Alleviate Back Pain, and Prepare For An Easier Birthing.


The Birth Ball Can Help Position And Encourage Baby To Move Down The Birth Canal For A Faster More Comfortable Birth.


Infants Crave Movement That Simulates Being Inside Mothers Womb. The Birth Ball Can Also Help Tighten Mom’s Tummy!

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How Do You Use The Birth Ball?

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Benefits Of The Birth Ball

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“Having delivered thousands of babies over the years, the one must have tool I would recommend is The Birth Ball.”

Meg Serraro, RNC-OB,C.C.E.S

“I used this product before and during birth and could really tell the difference it made with the pain and discomfort of labor.”

Claire Kearins, Mother

My wife loved The Birth Ball and used it every step of the way until our son was born. Then continued to use it after. Great product!

Collin Williamson - Dad

Safety For Mom & Baby

18 Page Guide On How To Use

You won't have to search Youtube or read tutorials on how to use an exercise ball to induce labor. Throughout the process, The Birth Ball 18 page exercise guide will instruct you with visuals and step by step positioning of your body to help you into labor, into birth, and post pregnancy.

3 Times The Support & Thickness

FDA APPROVED MATERIALS - The thickest 16p Free, non-slip, anti-burst, eco friendly, 100% recyclable material is used when manufacturing The Birth Ball. The Safety of mom and baby are our number one concerns and this product was built with safety as our #1 priority. 

Non Slip Hospital Socks

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, floors contribute directly to more than 2 million fall injuries each year. Normal socks can reduce the traction while walking or performing your exercises. We Include non slip socks to reduce this risk while keeping your little piggies warm!