Having a birth ball around during your pregnancy can be one of the smartest- and easiest- decisions you’ll ever make!

Not only are birthing balls one of the most underrated ways to ease your pain and discomfort during pregnancy, but they are also multi-functional and fun to use.

We know that the market is saturated with pregnancy products claiming to be the best, so we’re here to help you navigate the massive amount of information being thrown at you, so you can rest easy knowing you made the right decision.

“I Used The Birth Ball Before And After My Sons Birth And Could Really Tell The Difference It Made With Labor Pain”


Make sure that your birthing ball is made from a more durable material than a normal exercise ball. Many of the regular exercise balls that you see at the gym are not as thick as a birthing ball, and oftentimes not as durable.

If you opt for a cheaper exercise ball, it may be more likely to pop or deflate while you’re using it- leading to discomfort, and in some cases even serious injury.

At The Birth Ball, we use an eco-friendly, 100% recyclable material, which is three times more thick than the leading competitor! By using this superior material, you won’t have the inflation issues that are commonly associated with traditional exercise balls. This ensures that if the ball accidentally gets punctured while you’re sitting on it, it will deflate gradually, instead of bursting, to prevent you and your baby from harm.


To determine if you are using the correct size birthing ball, try this:

Sit squarely on your birth ball, and place your feet flat on the floor in front of you. Your hips should be either exactly even with your knees, or a little higher- approximately 5-8 centimeters higher, according to experts.

This position brings the weight of the baby forward, giving relief from back pain and general discomfort associated with pregnancy.

This position also helps keeps the pelvis open and relieves some of the pressure on your lower back during labour and contractions.

If your hips are lower than your knees, it's not only uncomfortable, but it narrows the pelvic opening- which isn't good for the baby's positioning.


Birthing Ball Size Guide

In order for you to find the best size birthing ball for you, we have two sizes to choose from:

If you are 5’8” or shorter- use the 65 cm ball

If you are 5’9” or taller- use the 75 cm ball

Here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

Don’t attempt to patch a hole or repair a damaged ball- it’s not worth your safety. By buying a new birthing ball, you’re also buying peace of mind.

Keep your birth ball away from any and all sharp objects. If you have other children, your house might be littered with little toys strewn on the floor. Make sure to clear the area you’re using, to prevent damage to your ball.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, put a towel or absorbent-pad on the ball while you sit. This will help in case your water bursts.

Make sure you’re comfortable just sitting on the ball before you try any exercises or stretches.

As your pregnancy progresses and your body changes more rapidly, your balance and center of gravity will be altered- so make sure that someone will be nearby and able to assist you if needed.

Do not store your birth ball in hot temperatures. This can cause your ball to expand and deteriorate.

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