Pregnancy Must Haves

15 Pregnancy Must Haves

You're Pregnant! Now What?

You just got a big fat positive on that pregnancy test! Wohooooo! So many emotions go on at this time. You may be feeling excited, anxious, fearful all at the same time. So what's next? Now, if this is your first pregnancy you are googling just about every question that pops into your head. And if you're onto your second, third, or fourth...well, you know the drill by now. However, new products are coming out ALL the time, so I've put together my top picks of 2019.  

During my first pregnancy I bought a bunch of useless stuff that I either ended up not using as frequently as I thought or didn't end up using at all. They all just went into a storage bin up in the attic and are currently collecting dust bunnies. To avoid this, here are some items that I hope will make your pregnancy a little more bearable, comfortable and exciting! Let's get started!

1. Prenatal

prenatal for pregnancy

Finding the right prenatal can be difficult. There are so many different options out there now a days and several things to look for in each vitamin. Getting the most expensive prenatal doesn't always mean you're getting the correct amount of nutrition. The amount below is recommended by the American College of Obstertricians and Gyneocologists.

  • Folic Acid: 600 mcg
  • Iron: 27 mg
  • Calcium: 1,000 mg
  • Vitamin D: 600 IU
  • Vitamin A: 700 mcg
  • Vitamin C: 85 mg
  • Vitamin B6: 1.9 mg
  • Vitamin B12: 2.6 mcg
  • DHA: 200 mg (at least)

2. Tummy Drops

Pregnancy tummy drops

Now, these obviously aren't a must have if you are one of the lucky ones and have not experienced nausea or vomitting during the first trimester. Now if you are, there are so many options out there to relive it. Lollipops, tea, gummies, suckers. I mean they really have it all. Here are a few I found that many found helpful.

  • Three Lollies Preggie Pop Drops
  • Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea
  • B-Natal Lollipops
  • Sea-Band


3. Pregnancy Tracking App

Pregnancy tracking app

This ones sort of a no brainer too but thought I'd share in case you haven't decided which one you want to download. Tracking your pregnancy makes the lonnnnnnng journey way more exciting! I personally used the What to Expect app. The app features daily updates on your baby's development, articles related to pregnancy, week-by-week development info, pregnancy videos (these were my favorite), and so much more. Here are some additional top rated pregnancy tracker apps with similar features:

  • Pregnancy +
  • Pregnancy Tracker-BabyCenter
  • Ovia Pregnancy Tracker


4. Face Wash

pregnancy safe face wash

This may or may not apply to you. Some woman experience beautiful glowing skin during pregnancy, while others endure the pimply, oily, 16 year old hitting puberty skin. Below are some safe and effective options during your pregnancy.

  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
  • Maternal Anti Blemish Face Wash
  • Beli Anti Blemish Acne Facial Wash

5. Lotion

prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

Now we all have the fear of what our tummies will look like postpartum, or maybe you don't (in that case you rock momma!). Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and our bodies go through changes we didn't think we're possible. If I'm being honest, I've done my fare share of researching anything and everything under the sun on how to prevent, cure and improve stretch mark appearance. The bottom line is, whether or not you get those tiger stripes are based on genetics (thanks Mom and Dad). One major tip that is bound to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks is hydration. Drinking TONS of water during and after pregnancy helps keep skin hydrated and firm. But, I have read reviews from mothers who swear by these products. Can't hurt to try, right?


  • Bio-Oil Skincare- OK this one has over 9k reviews and is rated at 4.5 stars definitely my top pick
  • Unscented Burts Bees-Mamma Bee Belly Butter
  • Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy  

6. Water Bottle

pregnancy water bottle

This may sound silly to you but it helped me tremendously increase my water intake during my pregnancies. I was constantly thirsty throughout my pregnancy so drinking water wasn't difficult for me, tracking it was. Having a water bottle I carried everywhere with me made it MUCH easier and more enjoyable (if that makes sense). Pregnant woman should be drinking 50% more water during their pregnancy. This averages out to about 96 fluid oz per day. Let's face it, drinking water can be boring, especially 96 fl oz of it. Throwing some fresh lemon juice or sliced lemon in your water can spruce things up a bit. It also has vitamin C and potassium and can help with morning sickness. Two birds, one stone!

I found this option on Amazon for $16 and gives you small marker points on where you should be throughout the day, pretty cool!

  • BellyBottle Pregnancy Water Bottle (BPA free)

7. Lingerie

maternity lingerie

Yes, you read that right. You might be thinking, what the heck? Our hormones are everywhere during pregnancy. Now, you may have zero sex drive during the first trimester when the feelings of exhaustion, fatigue and nausea are present. But, that goes away usually later on in the first trimester into the second trimester. You'll get your energy back and may even feel somewhat back to yourself. If you're experiencing an increase in libido, take advantage of this time with your partner! Trust me, you'll have a much harder time once baby's born. If you are struggling with the changes your body are going through, this might boost your confidence a little. I'll leave the searching up to you :)

8. Waist Expanders

waist expanders for pregnancy

Life savers! I personally wouldn't waste money on any maternity jeans (my opinion). I practically lived off leggings, T-shirts and sundresses during my pregnancy. But, when I did want to throw on some jeans, these things were awesome. Mind you, this only lasted for me during the second trimester. You can find these right on Amazon as well.

9. Loungewear

maternity active wear

Like I said, rarely did you catch me in jeans once the belly grew. Dressing comfortably during your pregnancy may be more important than you think. Avoid wearing tight clothes as it can cut off circulation and is simply not comfortable at all.

10. The Birth Ball

birthing ball to induce labor

Love, love love this! I used this ball all throughout my pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I worked up until I gave birth and had an office 9-6 pm job sitting at a desk plus running around all day. I'd pop this thing right under my desk which helped tremendously with back pain and posture. I even used it while watching TV or folding laundry at the house. If you plan to do lamaze classes with your partner, you'll definitely want a birthing ball. This will help alleviate back pain, induce labor, and help get your body back into shape after baby.

11. Body Pillow

pregnancy pillow

Sleeping can become way more of a challenge during your second and third trimester. If you're a back or stomach sleeper, I hate be be the bad news bear, but you're going to have to adjust your sleeping position. Using a body pillow can make those tough nights a little more comfortable. Better rest=happy momma! Check out these top rated pregnancy pillows.

  • Leachco Snooggle Chic Supreme
  • Boppy Multi-Use Total Body Pillow
  • ParMedoc Pregnancy Pillow

12. Nursing Bra

maternity bra

Yes, you read that right! Even though you're not nursing yet, let's face it our 'girls' are growing and prepping for baby! They're sore, achy, and tender so you may wanna ditch the underwire bras at this time and opt out for something a little more comfortable. Wearing a nursing bra will provide more comfort for you during your pregnancy and will definitely be used if you choose to breastfeed your little one. You can pretty much find these anywhere (Amazon, Walmart, Target) but here is a highly rated brand and it comes with three!

  • Hofish 3 Pack Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras

13. Tennis Ball

tennis ball for pregnancy

Sounds odd, doesn't it? It actually works wonders for back pain or any knots you have may have. There are a few different techniques you can use. Using a wall, place the tennis ball on the wall with your back against it and slowly move around, up and down. If your feet are achy, lie down on your back on a soft surface and place the ball on the wall and move your foot up and down. It's cheap and effective. Who woulda' thought!

14. Belly Support Bands

belly support band

I didn't use one of these with my first pregnancy but wish I had! These are great for supporting your growing bump as well as your back and hips. Some are designed to also cover up your belly button and pant zippers! Depending on the support you prefer will vary in the brand you choose. They have options such as minimal support, extra support, and active. Research which band you believe would work best for your routine. Here are some different options I've found:

  • Neotech Care Maternity Belt

  • Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt

  • Upsie Belly Belly Bandit

  • Belly Bandit 2-in-1 Bandit

  • Jill and Joey Maternity Belt

15. Letterboard

letter board to track pregnancy

We may be exhausted, uncomfortable with our new body, and ready to get this baby out but that doesn't mean we shouldn't document those 9 months. Taking pictures throughout my first pregnancy is something I wish I did. Its astonishing to look back and see the changes your body went through! Just type in #letterboard into Instagram and see what pops up. Over 309k posts of moms to be, baby milestones and more. They're inexpensive and make great memories for you and the family!

So there you have it! A complete list of essentials (and some extras) of what you will want to add to your shopping cart during your pregnancy. I hope this helps with your search!

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